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2012-03-26 06:53 pm


[Action Post] Minato, Fox, Serph, Cielo -> IC Intro
[action] Squall, Serph -> Dead bodies
[action] Cielo -> Dead bodies
[SFC] Nepeta, Signless, Yukari -> Trolls and the Embryon
[Action] Chibiterasu -> Dogs are not demons
[action] Laguna -> talking to coral
[action] Serph, Cielo -> The beach
[SFC] Signless -> Sex education
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2012-03-26 06:43 pm

IC Voicemail

 This is Gale of the Embryon. I do not have the time to speak to you currently. I will respond as soon as I am able. 

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2012-03-24 06:55 am
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Vathon Application

[ Player Name ] : Silk
[ Personal DW ] : [personal profile] silkweaver
[ Age ] : 18
[ Timezone ] : EST
[ Other Characters ] : none

[ Character's Name ] : Gale
[ Character's Age ] : Technically around 5, but physically and mentally, in his twenties.
[ Series ] : Digital Devil Saga
[ Canon Point ] : The end of the first game, just before appearing in the real world.

teal deers abound. )
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2012-03-04 06:47 am

How's My Driving?

 How do I do at playing Gale? 

Alternately, is there anything I'm not doing/saying/showing in relation to Digital Devil Saga canon? Please let me know! I'm unfortunately very new to it. 

Anonymous responses are enabled, but if it isn't constructive criticism, I reserve the right to completely ignore it.