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Vathon Application

[ Player Name ] : Silk
[ Personal DW ] : [personal profile] silkweaver
[ Age ] : 18
[ Timezone ] : EST
[ Other Characters ] : none

[ Character's Name ] : Gale
[ Character's Age ] : Technically around 5, but physically and mentally, in his twenties.
[ Series ] : Digital Devil Saga
[ Canon Point ] : The end of the first game, just before appearing in the real world.

[ History ] :
(history on Gale's wiki page)
(More complete history on Serph's wiki page)

[ Personality ] : Gale is the strategist of the Embryon, and his personality reflects that. He is quick to assess facts, and acknowledge them. He easily accepts the hindrance of the Embryon's small size, for example, and concentrates on finding plans that hide that weakness, and allow them to compete with the other tribes in the Junkyard. He is also quick to understand what is happening in a battle, and to act on that knowledge- in the fight against Varin (Colonel Beck), he is the first to properly notice the invisibility he is using, and to attempt to fight back. Even when situations seem improbable or nonsensical, he accepts the evidence presented to him, and considers it in his plans. Even when he does not understand the emotions the others are gaining, he notices the changes in them. He also recognizes the significance of these changes- although he still is without feelings, he is the one to explain to the other members of the Embryon that emotions are the reason that the tribes are beginning to disobey the law of the Karma Temple. He does not understand the changes that are happening around him, but he does everything he can to understand them, in order to be the best strategist to the Embryon that he can.

As strategist, logic is the thing that is foremost in Gale's mind. He has no qualms in betraying other tribes if it will bring the Embryon closer to Nirvana, and in fact most of his plans utilize this, since it is clear that the Embryon will not be able to reach Nirvana through brute force. Neither does he see see anything wrong with personal betrayal, at first- even after witnessing Bat betray his tribe and almost steal Sera from the Embryon, he comments that Bat would make a better ally than Cielo, who was the one who let Sera get captured in the first place, despite his best efforts. And, when Sera's singing helps him to regain control of his Atma and prevents him from eating Cielo, he is not thankful, but is rather curious about her abilities and somewhat suspicious of them. This cold attitude only changes once he gains his emotions.

Because it takes him so long to awaken to his emotions, Gale is in some ways alienated from the other members of the Embryon for much of his canon, simply because he is not operating on the same wavelength as the others (though the fact that he is not one of the Sera-created AIs may have something to do with this, as well). His adherence to logic rather than switching to operating on feelings puts him at odds with the increasingly compulsive members of the tribe- particularly Argilla and Cielo, who disagree with his objective attitude. He, in turn, is rather harsh on the inconsistencies and weaknesses he sees their new emotions bringing. Perhaps because of Serph's quietness, and perhaps because Serph is leader, there is not much tension between him and the protagonist. Although Gale is dubious of the changes Sera and the Atma have brought to the Junkyard, he trusts in his leader's judgement, and later hers, when she informs him that Serph and the others are in danger. Gale is the spokesman of the Embryon, and although at times he may seem to run the show, he will always be willing to defer to Serph's judgement, (though he will always advise what he believes is the best course of action). In the meantime, he serves in a position that Serph has delegated to him. At first, this is largely because questioning a leader is unthinkable in the Junkyard, but as time goes on and he gains his emotions, he feels respect for Serph, in the same way that he comes to view the other members of the Embryon as his comrades, and cares for them.

Gale's "awakening" to his emotions is rather different from what the others in the Embryon go through. Rather than happening once, abruptly, it almost happens several times, only for him to switch almost immediately back to apathy. It is only after the death of another tribe leader, Lupa of the Wolves, that he begins to change. In fact, Lupa is almost entirely responsible for the kind of person he becomes. It is Lupa who tells him of honor, and impresses him with it. Coming across Lupa's kills in the waterways shows him that his honor is not a weakness- he defeats everyone in his path- nor does it dull his ability to think, for he is the one who points out to the Embryon that there are no children in the Junkyard, though they know what a child is. This realization has such an impact on him that he begins to adopt Lupa's ideas of honor for his own, and when Lupa dies, he tells him that Lupa's honor will not die with him- that it will live on in Gale, and the child that Lupa told him of. In short, he completely abandons the underhanded tactics he was willing to use before to destroy the other tribes. Furthermore, his interactions with Lupa completely destroy his faith in the Law of the Karma Temple. Even before Lupa's death, he questions the law that states that the heads of all other tribes must be defeated in order for them to ascend for Nirvana, and says that if the Karma Temple will not make an exception for Lupa, he will destroy it without hesitation. Upon Lupa's death, he swears to get revenge upon the Karma Temple, for (however indirectly) leading to the death of the man he admired. Where before Gale simply did what was expected of him, now, he had a purpose- to carry on Lupa's honor and message, and to give meaning to his death.

Even through his anger at Lupa's death, however, he is not completely bloodthirsty and out for revenge. When confronted with Angel, the one who introduced the Atma and who commanded them to slaughter, he does not attack her or hate her. In fact, when the Karma Temple is crumbling, he helps her, rather than to leave her to die in the Junkyard as it is destroyed. Some of this may be remnants of the personality of the real man David that are inside of him. However, Gale the AI is not a copy of David the human in the way that Serph and the others were copies of actual people.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :
Serph, like the other members of the Junkyard, has an Atma, a demon contained within him. His Atma is known as Vayu, and Is indicated by the Twister mark on his left calf. When he is transformed into Vayu, he gains increased strength stamina, and resistance to wind (called Force) magics, as well as the ability to use magic. However, in this form, he is weak to electricity-based attacks. Vayu also has blades on its feet that it uses to attack.

The spells Vayu can use are as follows:

Zandyne: A strong wind (Force) spell that targets one enemy.
Mazandyne: A strong wind (Force) spell that targets multiple enemies.
Force Drain: Defends against Force (wind) magic for a short amount of time.
Media: moderately increases the health of all allies.
Tarukaja: Increases physical strength of all allies.
Makanda: Decreases an enemy's magical strength.
Tarunda: Decreases an enemy's physical strength.
Analyze: reveals enemy's health, magical ability, and any elemental affiliation.

As a human, Gale is not as strong as his Atma form, and does not have the ability to use magic. However, he is skilled in the use of firearms, particularly an assault rifle. In addition, he is able to fight with a knife hidden in his right boot- a particular movement of his foot brings out the blade, allowing him to enhance his kicks in a rather deadly way.

Gale has the potential to go into a form known as Berserk form, during which his eyes turn gold, and his right leg transforms into Vayu's. The transformation happens during times with strong 'Solar Noise', and during it, he literally goes berserk, with little control, and no magic. However, this kind of transformation happens only during the Solar Noise!

[ Other Important Facts ] :
Serph, like the other members of the Embryon, needs to eat other people in order to stay alive. If he does not, he will lose control of Vayu, and the demon will rampage. This rampage can be stalled, up to a certain point, by the singing of a girl known as Sera, but without her in Vatheon, he will regularly need to eat the bodies of other humans in order to remain in control.

[ Sample ] :
[The SFC turns on, and it only takes Gale a moment to realize it. He did most of his fiddling with it before turning the video on, so it only takes him a moment to get to his message. He's sharp and to the point about it all, just as he's been since he arrived. This is a completely new situation, and there's a lot he needs to learn about it before he's satisfied that what he knows is enough to advise the Embryon.]

My name is Gale, of the Embryon tribe. [He tilts his head slightly, so that the stripes of orange on the side of his hood are visible. Then it's back to business.] I am searching for the son of Lupa. I was told that he would be carrying an olive leaf. I carry a message for him, from his father.

I also request information on the arrivals to this place. Specifically, any seeming patterns in arrival from particular worlds, or patterns in connections between those who arrive. What is the average number of arrivals?

If that isn't enough, here are some additional threads.

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] :